*IMPORTANT: The "Pay NCA Now" and "Pay Now Siblings" buttons are back up and working. 


Do not use the "custom amount" button unless you are on our competition teams and/or have a credit on your account. If you choose to do this and do not add the late fees, if any apply, you will still have a balance on your account. If there is any balance on the account as of the 15th you will be charged a $50 late fee for not bringing your account to a $0 balance.


Thank you!




Monthly Studio Class Plans:

$85.00/month 1 dancer - 1 class per week

$65.00/ month for ages 3-4 years ONLY

(Note: A one-time registration fee of $50 will be due at the time of registration + purchase of a $20 practice shirt )





Additional Classes/Sibling Plans:


$50.00/month each additional class per week

$50.00/month each additional sibling - 1 class per week each



  • MONTHLY donations are due on or before the 10th  of each month. After a $10.00 late fee will apply. After the 15th  a $50 late fee applies. 



Do you have a credit on your account? Need to enter a custom amount? On our competition team? Use this button only for those options. Click here:









Other Services:


Studio Rental:

$65.00/hr for rentals between 1-3 hours

$50.00/hr for rentals of 4+ hours