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This page is for current dancers only. This is NOT a registration page for new dancers.

Do not use the "custom amount" button unless you were an NCA dancer before 2023. If you choose to do this and do not add the late fees, if any apply, you will still have a balance on your account. If there is any balance on the account as of the 15th you will be charged a $50 late fee for not bringing your account to a $0 balance.


Thank you!




Monthly Studio Class Plans:

$85.00/month 1 dancer - 1 class per week

$65.00/ month for ages 3-4 years ONLY

(Note: An annual registration fee of $50 will be due at the time of registration + purchase of a $20 practice shirt )





Additional Classes/Sibling Plans:


$50.00/month each additional class per week

$50.00/month each additional sibling - 1 class per week each



  • MONTHLY donations are due on or before the 10th  of each month. After a $10.00 late fee will apply. After the 15th  a $50 late fee applies. 



Do you have credit on your account? Were you a dancer before 2023? Need to enter a custom amount?  Use this button only for those options. Click here:









Other Services:


Studio Rental:

$85.00/hr for rentals




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