NCA Calendar

At NCA Dance Studio, we always have a wide range of events that take place. To look at our studio at a glance, for additional practices, closed dates, sub dates, and any other events each month all the information can be found here.

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  • Sun, June 12th: Monterey, CA - Artichoke Festival

  • Monterey County Fairgrounds

  • Arrival Time: 10:30am 

  • Show Time: 12-1pm

  • Sun, July 17th: Salinas, CA - Kiddie Kapers Parade

  • Salinas Recreation Center (meeting location) 320 Lincoln Street

  • Arrival Time: 2pm

  • Parade Start Time: 3pm

  • Sat, July 30th: Salinas, CA- Tavares Family Mega Show

  • Salinas Municipal Airport

  • Arrival Time: TBA

  • Show Time: TBA