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Studio Calendar

Here you can find our monthly calendar with any studio closed days, schedule changes, and/or events happening at the studio as well as when "Ballet Babe" week will occur each month. 

Click on the name of the class/event and additional details will appear or hit "agenda"/ "card" for a different preview of events and classes.



Ages 3-6 years old:


  • Ballet leotard with tutu (pink)

  • Tights

  • Ballet shoes (pink)

  • High or low bun

  • leg warmers (optional - pink)


New for 2024, per the contract, these 6 events are mandatory for the season. No exceptions. Please work all your vacation needs around these dates, as dates have been given in January. If you cannot commit to these 6 performances then it is best you wait until another season. 

Additional performances may be added, but those can be excused on a case-by-case situation and depending on how much of an advanced notice was given. As well as when your request was received and the reasoning. They will not automatically be excused. 

  • May 18, 2024 - Castroville, CA

     Party in the Plaza

     Location: Castroville Library

     Show Start Time: TBA

*This is an official date and show.

  • July 14, 2024 - Salinas, CA

     Kiddie Kapers Parade

     Location: Steinbeck Library

     Show Start Time: 3:00pm

*Tentative date and time

  • August 24, 2024 - Salinas, CA

     PAL Car Show

     Location: Oldtown Salinas

     Show Start Time: TBA

*Tentative date and time

  • September 1, 2024 - Monterey, CA

     Monterey County Fair

     Location: Monterey Fairgrounds

     Show Start Time: TBA

*Tentative date and time

  • November 24, 2024 - Salinas, CA

     Salinas Parade of Lights

     Location: Oldtown Salinas

     Show Start Time: 6:00pm

*Tentative date and time

  • January 11, 2025 - Salinas, CA

     NCA Recital & Awards Show

     Location: Sherwood Hall

     Show Start Time: 2:00pm

*Tentative date and time

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