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New This Year!

Wednesdays: Acro Level 1 (ages 8-12) and Acro Level 2 (ages 13+)

$60.00/month for Acro Dancers Only

$40.00/month to add Acro to a dancer's hip-hop class.


Acro is a program where we teach dancers the basic fundamentals of tumbling while integrating strength and flexibility exercises. Students will achieve the proper progression and technique to master new skills and tricks to help enhance their performance routines.




Dancer's must wear correct practice attire to attend class. (Fitted top/leotard, leggings/spandex shorts, socks, hair french braided or low braid. No jeans, no shoes, no loose clothing, no buns, no high ponytails allowed.)


Demonstration of class skills to be learned:

Miss Marlena

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