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Pricing and Information: MUST AUDITION TO MAKE A TEAM

Auditions occur in May/June

Season runs July-February 

Financial Spreadsheets are given at the beginning of the season for the total cost and payment breakdown.

Estimated Season Costs: $1500-$2000


Dancers will compete at regional and national competitions with a hope of receiving a bid to Florida (for non-prep teams). This program demands a lot of time and commitment from both the dancer and their parents. Dancers are expected to work hard and put in many hours training for competition of all age levels. Scheduling during the season needs to be made around the competition schedule. If a dancer is in other sports they need to make sure that dance is their first priority. The initial practice of the season is held once every other week and then progresses to multiple times per week as we get closer to our competition dates. 



Auditions required.

Traveling is required both in and out of state. 

Strict attendance policy and a $300 fee for breaking season commitment.

3 annual fundraisers are mandatory. Additional fundraisers are optional.

All team member must abide by USASF all-star rules. 

Our Annual Dance Intensive is mandatory.


Competition teams partake in the following events:

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